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  • Clogged Trident 9 Baffle

    What is Jailbreaking?

    For decades NFA manufacturers have told their customers that you will never need to clean a suppressor. Until recently most rimfire and almost all pistol suppressors were sealed only to get heavier and louder the more they were used. This meant that your NFA invesment had a limited lifespan. Finally the manufacturers are listening to their customers and making them serviceable from the factory. This leaves tens of thousands of suppressors currently in circulation to die a slow and loud death.

    To the right is a picture of a blast baffle that had been soaking in a chemical dissolver for over 24 hours! The suppressor it was extracted from weighed over double what it weighed brand new and was no longer hearing safe. Once jailbroken the suppressor returned to its original weight and is now hearing safe again!

    Jailbreaking breathes new life into your suppressor. We will convert your suppressor so you can service it. No longer will your suppressor be considered a consumable. Now, with proper maintenance, it will be something to enjoy for many years to come!

    Before jailbreaking you didn't have a choice about cleaning your suppressor, SRI gives that choice to you!

    We will jailbreak your suppressor and allow you to truly own the can you paid for!

  • AAC Pilot Baffle Modification

    Silencers we Jailbreak

    Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
    Pilot* Aviator, Evo's, Eco9, Striker9
    *The last baffle of the Pilot must be modified during the jailbreak. This will not affect performance.
    (We're sorry, we cannot jailbreak TiRants at this time)

    Omega, Warlock, Trident9, Shadow9, HEMS

    Outback, Blackside, Multimount, Raptor, Viper, Tundra, Mossad, UMP45, SOS, Vortex

    Wraith9XL, Wraith45XL, Cobra's, Wraith22

    If you do not see your suppressor in this list please contact us to see if we can convert it.
  • Jailbreaking Options

    Endcaps can be made from the following materials with the listed options. For Browning type pistols we recommend Titanium for most reliable function.

    Disassembly feature - Knurl, spanner wrench
    Finish - Type III Anodized (black)
    $225 returned

    Disassembly feature - spanner wrench
    Finish - Bead blast
    $325 returned

  • Download Jailbreak Order Form

    Download this form

    Please follow these steps before sending anything in for work:

    1) Download Form
    2) Fill it out legibly
    3) Include full payment (money order or personal check)
    4) Include a clean, front & back copy of your approved Form 4
    5) Contact SRI for shipping address and a reference number to be put on the outside of the box and the enclosed paperwork.

Please note:

We have suspended the 22lr jailbreak conversion service so that we can dedicate more time to our immediate production needs. If you have already contacted us about this service then we will get you taken care of. We will however continue to convert UNFIRED 22lr cans though as they are nowhere near as time intensive as fired cans. This also does NOT affect 9mm, or 45 conversions. If you have any questions please drop us a line!

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